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NEW: About Winds

Wind icons will not show up on the maps by default (in order to reduce loading time). To get wind icons to show up on the maps, select something from the Wind option


It is now impossible to select a type of weather that has not been reported by any station.

About AwfulWeather.Org

The AwfulWeather.Org search site obtains and indexes weather information ('METARs') as reported to the U.S. National Weather Service by various weather stations around the world. METAR data on this site is updated every twenty minutes, at :05, :25 and :45.

The AwfulWeather.Org search site was designed primarily for people who use flight simulators which support "real world, real time" weather updates, and who enjoy flying in challenging weather conditions.

Search Tips

  • The more options you select, the greater the chances that no weather station will have the requested weather. Begin by only selecting one or two options, and then narrow it down from there.
  • Even though there are no check boxes for many countries and continents, the weather information for those countries is there, you just will not be able to limit your search to missing countries and continents for the time being
  • If you don't select a continent or country, results from around the world are returned

Google Map

If you hold your mouse cursor over an icon, the weather report for that site will pop-up. For older versions of Firefox, this report may be truncated (i.e. it will be just one line and end in an ellipsis). Current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox work fine. Other browsers have not been tested

Website News

2011-01-06 2236Z - Support added to search based on temperature

2010-12-30 0137Z - Option added to output weather conditions as METARs in map. I am aware the mouse-over pop-up only stays up for about five seconds... you can of course move your mouse back and forth to make it pop upg again, but that is annoying and I will look in to making the weather icon clickable.

2010-12-29 2343Z - Selected options are now "remembered" using a cookie. If cookies are disabled or blocked, this site will function as before.

2010-12-23 0440Z - Stations where the sun has set are now in grey in lists. New option for selection criteria: "Sun has risen" and "Sun has set"

2010-12-15 2319Z - An interview with Urs Wildermuth, who wrote METARs for LSZH Zurich, was added to the forum

2010-12-03 0932Z - was launched today

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